AmI 2008 Workshop on Architectures and platforms (PW2)

UbiCollab project is a co-organizer of the workshop on architectures and platforms for AmI. Here is the program for the workshop.


Preliminary program for the workshop.

0900- Welcome and introduction

0930- Social Awareness among Different Communities – the ASTRA Experience. S.A. Petersen, M.Divitini

1000- Coffee break

1030- PERSIST: A pervasive environment based on personal self-improving smart spaces, M.Crotty, N.Taylor, H.Williams, K. Frank, I. Roussaki, M.Roddy

1100- FABULA platform for active e-learning in mobile networks. B.A. Khan

1130- ASTRA awareness connectivity platform based on service oriented concepts. I.Calemis, I. Mavrommati

1200- UbiCollab: A modular P2P platform for supporting ubiquitous collaboration. B. Farshchian, M. Divitini.

1230- Lunch

1300- Realizing context aware collaboration using grids. S.Wesner, G.M. Gallizo, A. Kipp, M. Assel

1330- Daidalos: Using semantic technology in pervasive platforms. X. Su, B. Farshchian, R.M. Svendsen, E. Berg

1400- Break

1415- SPICE: Mobile ontology: Its creation and its usage. X. Su, S. Alapnes, M.M. Shiaa

1445- A product line approach for AmI environments. J.I. Durán, J. Cobelo, J. Laka

1515- Break

1530- Identifications of common research problems, research areas, and architectural styles.

1600- Coffee break

1630- Outlining of common research roadmap.

1800- Workshop closure

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