The most famous jacket on the planet?

A smart jacket developed by SINTEF and NTNU as a collaborative effort between the EU R&D projects SOCIETIES and MIRROR is making headlines.


Photo by Kai Torgeir Dragland

The smart jacket is built to assist rescue workers in the event of a crisis such as a fire, an earthquake or similar. The jacket can communicate with remote rescuers through mechanisms used in social networking sites such as Facebook. The first version of the jacket was in fact implemented to communicate messages between the jacket and Facebook. The latest version of the jacket is integrated with the SOCIETIES social computing platform and allows a group of rescuer to communicate with a rescue coordinator in the field.


Photo by Kai Torgeir Dragland

The jacket first appeared in the Norwegian national research portal Later on it made an appearance in the Norwegian research magazine Gemini and in an article in the popular online gadget magazine (the Norwegian Engadget). From there the jacket was described in various articles in e.g. the Swiss magazine, Science Daily, Ecouterre and a number of other online sites. made an article and a video reportage about the jacket.

Recently the jacket appeared in a whole page article in Norway’s most prestigious engineering magazine Teknisk Ukeblad. A video reportage was made by Trondheim’s largest local online newspaper and a two-full-pages article appeared in the most-read local newspaper in Trondheim Byavisa. The jacket is invited to, which is a large and popular inventors’ gathering in Trondheim, and a number of schools have asked for help building Facebook jackets!

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