Getting started

New students

We have several project and diploma tasks available. You can contact Babak for a chat. Please also take a look at our student projects page.

If you are a student doing your project with us

We are happy that you have decided to do your project on UbiCollab! Here are a set of steps for you to get involved quickly!

  1. Make sure your project description, problem definition and list of deliverables are clearly defined. See this page for some examples.
  2. Send your portrait to Babak (small JPEG file showing your recognizable face) so he can announce your joining to the project on the portal. If you don’t, Babak will come to you with his camera. 
  3. Start immediately writing your research report. See some tips collected by Babak on his blog.
  4. If you will do coding and system development make sure you read our GitHub page carefully.

If you want to use UbiCollab

See “Where is UbiCollab software?“.

If you want to help us develop UbiCollab

Please contact us by using “Contact us” in the “About us” menu above.

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