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This page contains information about licenses applied to UbiCollab and UbiCollab.org. Please read carefully if you use or contribute to UbiCollab! UbiCollab is licensed under Apache 2.0 software license. No changes are done to the original license by the Apache Foundation, which you will find in http://apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 (Here is also the TXT version to be included in your LICENSE file, see below). Please read the text of this license carefully before starting to use UbiCollab software or work on the UbiCollab project! In short, Apache 2.0 license means this to you (NOTE: Read the license! This summary is only informal!):


Short non-legalese overview of Apache 2.0


It allows you to:

  • freely download and use UbiCollab software, in whole or in part, for personal, company internal, or commercial purposes;
  • use UbiCollab software in packages or distributions that you create.

It forbids you to:

  • redistribute any piece of UbiCollab-originated software without proper attribution;
  • use any marks owned by UbiCollab.org in any way that might state or imply that UbiCollab.org endorses your distribution;
  • use any marks owned by UbiCollab.org in any way that might state or imply that you created the UbiCollab software in question.

It requires you to:

  • include a copy of the license in any redistribution you may make that includes UbiCollab software;
  • provide clear attribution to UbiCollab.org for any distributions that include UbiCollab software.

It does not require you to:

  • include the source of the UbiCollab software itself, or of any modifications you may have made to it, in any redistribution you may assemble that includes it;
  • submit changes that you make to the software back to UbiCollab.org (though such feedback is encouraged).


Agreements and signatures before you start

In order for the UbiCollab project to have continuity, and in order to allow your work to be used by our future students or projects, we need you to sign a couple of agreement telling the world that you allow UbiCollab.org and the UbiCollab project to use your contributions in the future. Below you will find some more information about these agreements.

Individual CLA

If you are going to contribute to the UbiCollab project as an individual developer (student or otherwise, freelancer, unemployed) you need to sign and deliver the Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) for the UbiCollab project.

ICLAs may be submitted by traditional postal mail, fax (see the ICLA file), or by emailing a scan of the signed copy to ubicollab@ubicollab.org. Or if you are an NTNU student you can deliver it to Babak Farshchian.

Corporate CLA

For a corporation that has assigned employees to work on the UbiCollab project, a Corporate CLA (CCLA) is available for contributing intellectual property via the corporation, that may have been assigned as part of an employment agreement. Note that a Corporate CLA does not remove the need for every developer to sign their own ICLA as an individual, to cover any of their contributions which are not owned by the corporation signing the CCLA.

CCLAs may be submitted by traditional postal mail, fax (see the CCLA file), or by emailing a scan of the signed copy to secretary@. Or if you are in Trondheim you can deliver it to Babak Farshchian.

Applying the UbiCollab license to your code

In order to make your code ready for submitting to the UbiCollab project you need to do a couple of things:

  • To apply the ALv2 to a new software distribution, include one copy of the license text by copying the file: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.txt into a file called LICENSE in the top directory of your distribution. If the distribution is a jar or tar file, try to add the LICENSE file first in order to place it at the top of the archive. This covers the collective licensing for the distribution.
  • In addition, a correct NOTICE file MUST be included in the same directory as the LICENSE file. Make sure to use UbiCollab’s own NOTICE file and add any additional notices to this file. Contact Babak if you have to add text to the NOTICE file!
  • Each original source document (code and documentation, but excluding the LICENSE and NOTICE files) SHOULD include a short license header at the top.

See also the instructions at apache.org for more details.

Using third party software with different licenses

In the course of your project you will find out that there is code/library/binary out there that you desperately need to use. We highly recommend reuse of existing code. However, you need to be careful about a number of licensing issues:

  • In general, we encourage you to use software that is distributed under some open source license. We do not encourage you to include software that has proprietary licenses as part of what you develop during your project. Proprietary licenses will prevent you from contributing your work to the UbiCollab project.
  • You need to make sure that the license for a software you plan to use is compatible with Apache 2.0. You can take a look at this page developed by David A. Wheeler for some well-known open source software licenses. See also this page from Apache organization with some answers to common questions. Note that most proprietary licenses will NOT be compatible with UbiCollab and therefore cannot be used as part of the platform (though they might be usable as part of the underlying runtime support platform).
  • If you use a third party software that is compatible with Apache 2.0, you need however to include a notice in the UbiCollab NOTICE file. Talk to Babak if you know of any such software.


Most of the text in this page is copied or adopted from apache.org.

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